Black Acacia

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Black Acacia

Acacia Melanoxylon

The California sister to Hawaiian Koa (Acacia Koa), Black Acacia has much of the same desirable tone and cosmetic qualities. A degree warmer than Genuine Mahogany, Acacia remains comfortably in the middle range of the tonal spectrum.

It is an appropriate complement to vocal accompaniment with enough definition to support the emphasis on single note phrasing.

When considering its contribution to the sound of a guitar, think of traditional Hawaiian music with its combination of fluid, almost blues-like turn arounds, and tastefully placed accents using single notes to enhance the island ethos. Cosmetically more exciting than most regional hardwoods, Acacia can almost be mistaken for Koa with its range of gold to brown color especially in samples with flame, or curl. The natural hues are pleasing enough, though a honey amber tint can be applied to make any figure really pop. Workability isn’t a problem if grain runout is respected for this native timber. Old-growth Acacia can be responsibly harvested from urban reclamation, and naturally fallen trees.

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