Honduran Rosewood

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Honduran Rosewood

Dalbergia Stevensonii

Honduran Rosewood is an excellent choice for acoustic guitar backs and sides and decorative features. It shares a degree of the reflective and clear sound quality found in Brazilian Rosewood and Cocobolo.

Some high-end guitar builders even prefer it to Brazilian Rosewood.

They exhibit widely varying cosmetic appeal with sometimes inky blacks against a rich brown background to a plain and uniform tan color. As suggested earlier, use a market vetted vendor who will be happy to let you choose your set from online photos.Trees, of course, don’t recognize man-made frontiers or international boundaries. Therefore, geographical place names given to tree species don’t always reflect their true origins. Not only can Honduran Rosewood grow in southern Mexico, but Rosewoods can also hybridize to the befuddlement of our attempts to identify them. Along with this thought, we have found that the color variations are quite common. There are the dark blacks to even the look of white oak. This is where the expertise of the practiced wood specialist is essential to our credibility as guitar builders. Before buying for price, consider that paying more for consistent grading and accurate product description assures the integrity of your own words and works.

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