Claro Walnut

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Claro Walnut

Juglans hindsii

This beautiful domestic wood is similar in tone to True Mahogany when dimensioned and graded correctly. Walnut comes in an array of colors and figure. It can be highly flamed with the curls varying in definition.

Claro Walnut champions the balance of clarity and warmth which Mahogany is known for while moving slightly up the tonal scale towards clarity.

In the same piece, you may find a range of color from thick cream to rich chocolatey brown with subtle hints of dark purple and almost iridescent highlights of green., This puts this sustainable domestic tonewood into the versatile category allowing an appropriate voice for vocal accompaniment, open tuning fingerstyles, and backup rhythm. Because of its often-dramatic grain configurations, there has been a major shift towards the resource being diverted to veneer mills and into luxury car dash boards and collector gun stocks. Walnut can vary considerably in density from piece to piece. The reason that denser, stiffer examples are more desirable for the luthier is that the guitar’s projection will suffer from a back that is too light and flexible. One can always thin a stiff piece to make it more flexible, but there is no additive option two to make a flexible piece stiffer. Marvel Woods makes their selections accordingly

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